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Hydronic Heating

WELCOME TO ZENITH HEATING -Hydronic Heating Solutions

Zenith Ventilation supply and install all hydronic heating solutions for both Residential and commercial properties.

Hydronic underfloor heating is a very energy efficient and sustainable solution for heating your home. It works well under several different floor surfaces including marble, stone, slate, carpet, timber and all varieties of tiles.

Hydronic underfloor heating is a central heating system and is designed to run continuously during the (winter) heating season. It is not designed for occasional “demand” heating. Where greater heating flexibility is required, particularly for small areas such as bathrooms, en-suites, laundries etc, electric floor heating is recommended.

Hydronic Floor Heating

Hydronic floor heating is a great option for large, open entertaining areas and it works well under cold floor coverings such as marble, stone, slate, polished concrete and all varieties of tiles.

It’s also fabulous under carpet and timber floors, however you need keep in mind that there are particular standards and temperature restrictions that must be met when using these floor coverings

Leading edge, stylish, effective and economically superior solutions

Underfloor heating and cooling have long been known and appreciated in Europe and North America, however even in Australia, its existence and benefits are becoming increasingly known. Though most realise it is a high end product, what is far less realised, is the comfort creating potentials of using hydronic systems not just in floors, but in ceilings and walls as well.

Traditional heating and cooling systems such as HVAC for commercial applications, as well as forced air, split unit or cassette type air conditioning units or wood fires are commonplace. For those seeking leading edge, stylish, effective and economically superior solutions, high efficiency ceiling and wall embedded radiant heating systems are the way to go.


Hydronic floor heating has become an attractive and regularly specified upgrade for a wide range of applications, especially when paired with a high efficiency condensing natural gas boiler. These systems are quite sophisticated in design and consist of warm water that circulates through an intricate network of polyethylene oxygen-resistant piping under the floor surface. This ensures a gentle, warm heat that is evenly distributed throughout the entire living space

Heated floor panels are becoming more and more popular in both new home designs and older homes.  These days we are constantly looking for ways to reduce costs and become more energy efficient. Hydronic Heating is the way to go. Contact the team at Zenith Heating to find the right solution for your home.



It is important for homeowners to be well informed when it comes to making the right choices about hydronic heating systems.

Two thirds of the world use water based Hydronic Heating systems to warm their homes in winter. There is good reason for this. Hydronic Heating is the cleanest, most efficient form of home heating available. Radiant heat with quick response times, lowest emissions (Co, NoX), the most cost and energy efficient home heating system on the market. Contact Zenith Ventilation / Zenith Heating Today.