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Zenith Ventilation


Dampness, Mould, High Humidity, Condensation & poor indoor air quality.

How we see it at Zenith Ventilation

After more than a decade spent dedicated to the prevention of mould, condensation, musty smells, and poor indoor air quality, I would like to share with you three of the most common causes, and solutions!

The Improvements with Dehumidification

How Dantherm became a Global Leader

Dantherm dehumidifiers have been synonymous with quality, reliability and efficiency for more than 40 years, and today we are global leaders in providing high-end quality and energy efficient dehumidifiers

Randers & Raasted Brewery

How they solved the humidity & condensation problems

Randers Brewery is a successful microbrewery in Denmark. Beer production generates high amounts of steam and humidity. Neither one nor the other are desirable in a brewery, since they bring about rot and fungal spores in the production area. Therefore, Dantherm was contacted to find a solution to meet  the problem



Peter the Great Aquatory is a historic miniature of 18th century St. Petersburg

Peter the Great Aquatory is a unique scale model devoted to the history of St. Petersburg’s creation and to the onset of the Russian fleet. The central part of the exhibit is a bowl filled with water that represents waterways of St. Petersburg. Dantherm CDP dehumidifiers are to preserve the minuscule buildings and mechanisms from humidity damage.