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Zenith Ventilation

Office and School Ventilation

Office and School Ventilation - A breath of healthy living in every room

Zenith Ventilation  “Choosing to breathe healthy air, because it is constantly replenished and purified, is essential.”

We are committed to improving air quality in all environments where we live, learn and work. Our mission is to ensure healthy clean air in every room – in homes, offices, classrooms and public places.

We do this by offering those who design and install systems a range of innovative Controlled Mechanical Ventilation solutions: decentralised systems with dual continuous flow, carefully designed and easy to install, energy efficient and with proven effectiveness in reducing pollutants.

What do we breathe?


Every day, we spend about 90% of our time indoors, mainly at home and in the workplace. Confined environments have a limited amount of air, which we consume with every breath. People take on average 22,000 breaths a day, processing about 12,000 litres of air through their lungs.

It is important for our health to breathe air that is clean, rich in oxygen and free of the pollutants

Indoor air is up to 20 times more polluted

As confirmed by numerous studies, indoor air can be 5 to 20 times more polluted than outdoor air. Without proper ventilation,
indoor air tends to deteriorate, becoming saturated with harmful substances that can be very dangerous to health. Harmful elements include ultra-fine dust, fumes, combustion gases, formaldehyde, volatile organic compounds released by chemical detergents, glues and furniture materials. Then there are pollutants of biological origin – microorganisms such as allergens, moulds, bacteria and viruses carried by aerosols – and those of physical origin such as the dreaded radon gas.

How it works

Our ventilation units used for office and school spaces are decentralised HRVs with dual continuous flow and counter-current crossed airflows.

Stale air, saturated with humidity and CO2, is extracted from indoor areas and forced to flow into the heat exchanger where – without contact between the two flows – its heat is transferred to the incoming
airflow simultaneously pumped in from outside.


The fresh air, which is richer in oxygen, is pre-heated and purified by a high- performance filter that traps smog, particulates and pollen. This technology provides constant and balanced air exchange
in closed environments, ensuring superior performance in terms of energy efficiency, air purification and indoor comfort.


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