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Today, Dantherm is an international group with factories and sales companies in many countries. Here is a brief summary of the Dantherm history from the modest start in 1958 in rented accommodation with two employees and up till today where the Dantherm Group has around 600 employees spread across 13 countries, Dantherms Australian Distributor is  Dehum, providing the best solutions available.


Dantherm was founded by Ejlert R. Olsen.

The first Dantherm product was a warm air heater for workshops and industrial buildings. Over the years, the product portfolio was extended to include dehumidifiers, ventilation units, heating and cooling units for mobile camps and electronics cooling solutions for the telecom industry.


In January 2016, Dantherm was acquired by Procuritas, a Swedish private equity fund.

Also in January, Procuritas acquired Calorex, a leading British manufacturer of swimming pool heat pumps and dehumidifiers, commercial heat pumps and heat recovery, commercial dehumidifiers and portable air-conditioners and building dryers.

In September 2016, Dantherm acquired the company Schönmann AG in Zürich, Switzerland. Schönmann has distributed Dantherm products for many years and the company has more than 75 years of experience with sale of air handling products in the Swiss market.


In March 2017, the Dantherm Group was further strengthened by the acquisition of Master Climate Solutions Group (MCS) in Italy, a global supplier of portable equipment for heating, dehumidification, cooling and ventilation for professional applications. MCS has subsidiaries in Poland, Russia, Spain and China.

In June 2017, the Dantherm Group acquired the activities in Water Surveillance, a Danish “Internet of Things” company that focuses on optimising its customers’ operating earnings by wirelessly collecting essential data within the area of damage services, and making this data available online in real time on assorted user interfaces.In September 2017, the Dantherm Group acquired the German company Aerial GmbH, headquartered in Norderstedt (Hamburg). Aerial is a leading manufacturer of mobile dehumidifiers, adsorption dryers, laundry dryers, insulation dryers and air purifiers for professional and private use. Aerial has more than 25 years’ experience in the drying business and a 40 employee strong workforce within sales, development and production.

2018 - 2020:

Dantherm acquired Sovelor in France. Sovelor is headquartered in Vénissieux (Lyon) and is the leading distributor of mobile heaters, dehumidifiers and coolers in France. Sovelor has 25 employees specialised in sales, technical support, logistics and after sales support.

Dantherm, Calorex, Master Climate Solutions Group, Water Surveillance, Aerial and Sovelor will continue to operate in the market as independent brands and will utilise each other’s market and product strengths, which will benefit existing and new customers, who will now have access to an extended and varied range of products. Datherm selected Dehum to be the sole distributor of there prodcuts in Australia.