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Indoor pool climate control
Zenith Ventilation – A company licensed in Ducting & mechanical ventilation and also electrical. Initially zenith ventilation was founded due to a high demand for us to rectify homes and offices that had air quality issues or “poor” air quality issues, this lead to the installation of subfloor ventilation systems and then we progressed into whole house ventilation systems such as HRV and ERV. In this time we have now installed thousands of ventilation systems both subfloor and mechanical ventilation with Heat recovery (MVHR). The first ERV we installed was in 2010 and that would have been one of the first systems of its kind to be installed in Australia. We can confidently say that we are the best in the business in both of these fields including knowledge, planning and execution.



We are always looking for skilled tradesman to join our team.

Our current available roles are below;
  • licensed electrician
  • licensed refrigeration mechanic
  • licensed waterproofer
  • trade assistant
  • project manager

Please send over your resume to be considered for the above roles.