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Zenith Ventilation



Zenith Ventilation are the preferred supplier and installers of Dehumidification systems through many industries. Dehumidifiers are most popular with the below:

Archives,Offices, Libraries,Basements, Man caves, Storage rooms.


Our selection of dehumidifiers are known for their high quality, reliability and energy efficiency.

The digital finger touch display puts you in quick and easy control of humidity and service status. Furthermore, hours and energy consumption can be read off the display

  • – Easy to use digital touch
    – CDT with condensate pump cassette
    – Special versions with ducts
Control Your Indoor Climate
Dehumidifiers for Agricultural sheds

Control Your Indoor Climate

Excess moisture in the air will lead to mould, bacteria, condensation and musty smells. It can also lead to deterioration of documents and labels on wine bottles.

This is why it is critical to have a dehumidifier in rooms such as:

  • – Basements
  • – Wine cellars
  • – Archive rooms
  • – Libraries
  • – Storage rooms
  • – Man caves
  • – She sheds
  • – Manufacturing plants
  • – Agricultural sheds, where excess humidity can become apparent  such as fodder sheds
  • – Car clubs
  • – Garages and any room that has excess moisture issues, musty smells and condensation.

Here at Zenith Ventilation, this is what we do, so you can rely on us to give advice and install a system based on our specialised experience with dehumidification.

We have both fixed, wall mount dehumidifiers and  ducted dehumidifiers to cater for all projects.


For drying out new or flooded buildings and ensuring dry conditions at low temperatures

Dehumidifiers CDF 40-50-70


CDF dehumidifiers offer the best combination of efficiency, water removal capacity and low unit cost.

Dantherm’s CDF range of powerful dehumidifiers CDF 40-50-70 provides the ideal means of preserving and protecting your valuables from humidity damage. They are suited for humidity control in warehouses, museums, churches, archives, changing rooms and waterworks.

CDP 75,125.165

High-quality and energy-efficient swimming pool dehumidifiers for ducted installation in a plant room

CDP 75,125.165


The ducted swimming pool dehumidifiers CDP 75-125-165 are designed for use in larger private pools, commercial swimming pools and spas, changing rooms, warehouses, production areas and archives.

The CDP swimming pool dehumidifiers are close to silent and the installation in a plant room further reduces the noise.

The CDP 75-125-165 pool dehumidifiers are highly flexible regarding installation. The control panel and other components can be moved from one side to another and the supply air discharge can be from the top or from the side opposite the air inlet.

The CDP 75-125-165 swimming pool dehumidifiers are also available with a water-cooled condenser allowing the excess heat to be used for pool or sanitary water heating.